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Always dreamed to go to SEMA, or veteran SEMA attendee, this is the way to spice up your visit to Las Vegas and experience the breathtaking scenery Nevada has to offer!


During SEMA week (3-6 November 2022), we take you on an exciting 1 day roadtrip all the way around Sin City, to & trough the most jawdropping views the Nevada desert has to offer.

Choose your ride from various rental services from an typical American Muscle car (Camaro, Mustang,...)  all the way up to the most exotic cars available (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren,...) Pick what you've always dreamed of.

You will cruise trough Red Rock, explore Charleston Peak, and drive all the way trough the Valley of Fire up to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. 

You will experience views and driving roads like you've never seen before, be able to enjoy your chosen ride with a great group of people, and create pictures and memories that last a lifetime.




Actual footage of the roads we will be driving during Run of Fire


Joining us during Run Of Fire on 03 november is Free, make sure u get up early to meet at our central location spot.

Minimum requirements: 300 horsepower sports car, and being a car enthousiast.

Run Of Fire is a scenic drive, not a RACE!!

For all info & registration contact

BC Signature, nor Run Of Fire are in any way affiliated with SEMA. SEMA Admission is NOT included in your Run Of Fire registration.

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